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Multiboard – The Wall

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to calculate multiboards?
The Multiboard System is enjoying growing popularity. But how do I effectively fill a complete wall (or a part of a wall) with multiboard combs? No problem with this little calculator. It is constantly being improved. Seeing how much your own 3D printing costs you is often quite helpful.
Feel free to play around with it.




Check out the picture on top of the page!
With the red, green and yellow tiles (that’s how defined it) you can easily see where the corner parts, the side parts and the core parts should be on a multiboard. Of course you can also rotate it. You can cover a large wall with square tiles. Only edges usually remain. These edges only require core parts (black/blue) – often in 2 different sizes), 1 or 2 side parts (withe, grey) an a special core part for the corner (brown). This corner is only needed if there are missing parts on both sides. To find out quickly, I invented this calculator.

How it works

Enter the size of the wall in cm. Choose square tiles as a base to fill the area. They should be as large as possible, but large enough to fit on your print bed if you want to print it. The number of “green, red and yellow” tiles (read in the “Purpose” section) can now be seen.
Normally there is some residue left on two sides. This is now filled with black, blue, white and grey, if necessary, an additional brown corner.


– There is no optimization process. You may be able to get better results with larger or smaller tiles, because each part also has to be attached and costs fastening materials. The calculated times and costs are projections that I made with a BambuLab X1C. There I printed Bambu-PLA.
-It is not a serious cost estimate that would be commercially viable. You would have to have a supervisor who can supervise 1-20 printers, just for safety reasons. The wear costs (depreciation) are currently an estimate. I’m currently measuring the power consumption in a long-term test.

Known Issues

– The cost estimate is for hobbyists and is rough. This means that no one can print cost-effectively, see Limitations
– Some people are reporting a security issue, I’m keeping an eye on that. Don’t worry, it only shows my name and a picture, it’s harmless but unpleasant. -it is fixed.

Order printed Multiboards (Germany)

Order ready-made multiboards from us. With or without fastening material.


Order printed STL files (Germany)

Would you like to have other parts printed? Here you can upload an STL file and receive a price promptly.