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3D Printing / CNC & Laser

Discover the captivating realm of modern manufacturing with our versatile range of services! We are your experts in 3D printing, CNC machining, as well as precise laser cutting and engraving. More than just contract manufacturing, we guide you from the initial idea to the final production with utmost precision and innovative prowess.
Our 3D printing technology brings your most creative visions to life. We see ourselves not only as service providers but as partners on your journey from conception to the finished product. With CNC machining, we prioritize the highest accuracy and quality, bringing even the most demanding designs in wood and aluminum to life. Laser cutting and engraving across all materials complete our portfolio. Trust us to turn your concepts into reality with excellence at every step.


Cloud is King

Embark on the effortless journey of Managed Hosting with W2! Entrust the intricate steps of planning, building, operating, and ensuring the functionality of your cloud infrastructure to our experts. Your requirements take center stage with us, as we handle all services, allowing you to relax while we take care of the rest.
Whether you’re hosting small or large servers, Docker containers, or individual apps, W2 provides you with a tailored solution at fair prices, coupled with an unbeatable value of service and security. Our dedicated team is by your side, ensuring the seamless operation of your infrastructure.
With W2, you not only gain a reliable partner but also swift deployment of your services. Following a comprehensive consultation, rest assured that your hosting solution will typically be ready for use in less than 1 hour.
Trust in W2 Managed Hosting because your time and priorities matter to us!